Kids Corner

Wedding Kids Corner

Make Your Big Day Special for Your Smallest VIPs with Our Beautiful Kids Corners!

Planning your dream wedding? Don’t forget to cater to your smallest guests! Our brand-new Wedding Corners are designed to ensure your youngest guests have a blast while you and your guests celebrate.

From elegant tents & cozy teepees to stylish soft play areas complete with ball pits, our kids corners offer a dedicated space for kids to play, relax, snack, and engage in fun activities.  We offer options to match your wedding’s color scheme and décor, making the space not only functional and fun but elegant and beautiful as well.

We take care of every detail, offering personalized packages with many options for you to choose from. Our goal is to create a magical experience for your mini-VIPs, leaving you and your guests worry-free to enjoy your special day.

Our setups, featuring comfy cushions, toys, and activities, ensure that kids have their own exclusive space to feel all grown up. We can set up indoors or outdoors (weather-permitting), or in one of our incredible Bell Tents.

Reach out to us to discuss your needs and secure your date. With packages starting as low as $200 and many personalized options available, let’s make your wedding a delightful experience for everyone!

Relax and Enjoy: Professional Wedding Childcare Services for a Stress-Free Celebration!

We are excited to have partnered with Big Sky Nanny, a local nanny and babysitting placement agency to ensure every guest, big and small, revels in your wedding day with peace of mind. Their expert childcare services offer a dedicated team to entertain and care for the kids while you and your guests create unforgettable moments. Let us handle the fun and supervision, ensuring a worry-free celebration for everyone involved. With Big Sky Nanny’s experienced staff, rest assured that your youngest VIPs will be entertained and well-cared for, allowing you and your guests to cherish every moment of your special day!

Contact Big Sky Nanny today to learn more about childcare options they can provide at your wedding or special event!